Save-Money-1-537x402That’s the recommendation in a blog post regarding prices for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exams. Whether you have health insurance that included a deductible — and often those deductibles extend into the thousands of dollars — or if you uninsured, an exam cost can be daunting for most.

However, by being smart and comparing prices (and yes, it will take time and effort, but if saving significant money is your goal, the investment in perseverance can pay off), you can save and yet undergo a high-quality test. The keyword or phrase is “high-quality test.” It is important to not necessarily find the “cheapest” test, but to search for a “less expensive” test provider that will offer both the quality needed by the physician but also offer a price level that is far below area hospitals and health systems.

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When you choose DIS, you choose an independently-owned organization that has prices and charges far below area hospitals and their imaging affiliates. When faced with deductibles or if paying the cost entirely by yourself, DIS can save you money on almost every type of procedure.

These procedures include not only MRI, but also other types such as Computed Tomography (CT), ultrasound, nuclear medicine bone scans and even diagnostic mammograms. Yes, diagnostic mammograms are NOT covered by the Affordable Care Act – only screening mammograms are included. Diagnostic mammograms are subject to insurance coverage and any deductible that the coverage may have.

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