MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, allows the radiologist to “see” soft tissue, such as muscles, fat and internal organs without the use of x-rays. Besides being a totally painless exam, Magnetic Resonance Imaging has no known side effects.

MRI is most commonly performed to evaluate the head, spine and joints, although there are other numerous applications. Diagnostic Imaging Services is the only outpatient provider in southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast that offers MRI that is at high field strength or greater.

With the addition of our 3T ultra high field MRI systems, our suite of MRI solutions (3T, 1.5T and 1.2T) is not matched by any other local outpatient imaging entity. ‘T’ stands for ‘Tesla’ which refers to the strength of the magnet – the higher the strength, the better the quality of images for the radiologist and your physician.

For physicians, it’s simple. The higher the field strength (‘T’), the better the opportunity to capture “prettier pictures.” For people who are the patients, the prettier the picture, the better for the ability of our radiologists and your physician to make an accurate diagnosis with top-quality images and reports.

Very young children will probably need sedation for the MRI exam. You should discuss exactly what to expect with your doctor. Then, talk to your child about the procedure.

Click here for a six-minute video that provides an explanation of MRI for children. It’s titled “Wally Wonders about MRI.”