At Diagnostic Imaging Services, our commitment is to provide you state-of-the-art technology, professional expertise, and patient-centric care. We provide easy access, convenient scheduling and timely reporting. Expect our personal approach, as our providers will call you regarding any critical finding.

Our team of radiologists is respected for their compassion and communication skills with patients and referring physicians. We also have a number of physicians with specialties or fellowships in MRI, CT, ultrasound, thoracic imaging, musculoskeletal, neurological radiology for the most precise interpretation. All radiologists are board certified and all equipment is American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited.

Diagnostic Imaging Services values our relationship with community physicians and their patients that we jointly serve. We understand that health care providers are busy and need quick access to our experienced radiology team. We believe that close collaboration promotes appropriate utilization of imaging and achieves better patient outcomes.

Our Competitive Advantage

For your patients with insurance deductibles, DIS provides high-quality screening and diagnostic imaging often at much less overall cost than area hospitals and their imaging affiliates. Lower list prices translate into lower deductible charges that are the responsibility of the patient to pay.

More and more patients face high deductible health insurance plans. Nearly one-quarter of workers are enrolled in these plans, up from four percent in 2006. In the employer market, deductibles have increased 67 percent since 2010.

High quality. Lower cost.

You get the results you need. People save money.

For the same exam at the same — if not better — quality, why would you want patients who face financial obligations for medical imaging to potentially pay more at the hospital?

Patient Satisfaction

And what do people who are referred to DIS think of our service? Recent comments include:

  • “Staff is wonderful! Will always recommend to others!”
  • “I am hard of hearing and the technologist who performed the MRI was extremely patient and nice.”
  • “Thanks for taking great care of me.”

For a clinical discussion with a DIS radiologist, please call 504-459-3213 or email with your request. Our physicians will be happy to assist you in working to have the right test for the right reasons.