money2-420x322Diagnostic Imaging Services shares a blog post about the payoff people can often, if not always, receive, when they do comparison shopping for medical exams such as MRI, CT or ultrasound tests.

The quote above comes from a person from Aetna, a health insurance provider. In other areas of health care, it’s agreed that price shopping for something specialized such as a joint replacement may not be the best path to follow. However, in the arena of medical imaging, it often is a smart and wise decision.

Note in the story that the author states that a local hospital wanted in excess of $7,000 for two MRI studies. But, by devoting a little time to the endeavor, a freestanding facility (the same type as DIS), was going to be under $1,000 for the same exams.

That’s a $6,000 difference! Without sacrificing quality, which would you choose?

DIS has urged people to be proactive in identifying the cost of their healthcare. More and more people will have high deductible health plans, shifting the burden for cost onto them. With a higher responsibility for paying should come a much more vigilant process for asking for prices and knowing what medical care will cost BEFORE having an exam.

Of course, sometimes high costs can’t be avoided, i.e. a trip to the emergency room is the best option when a crisis erupts. However, in a non-urgent situation, people can actually SAVE MONEY on healthcare services without risking quality of care. Call DIS and let us assist you in identifying potential costs. We’re very confident we will save you money when comparing to any hospital in the area.

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