Louisiana’s mental health care system is broken

Louisiana is in quiet crisis.­ The state’s mental health system has been gradually broken under the weight of financial cuts and psychiatric hospital closures.

Here’s where you can get a free flu shot this fall

We’ve rounded up all the places where you can get your flu shot now, without paying a dime. To find the vaccine-provider nearest you, just plug in your zip code and check the box for flu at VaccineFinder.org.

Olivia Newton-John reveals third cancer diagnosis

Olivia Newton-John confesses that her current fight is actually her third cancer battle, as she learned in 2013 that the disease had returned, resurfacing in her shoulder, but decided at the time that she didn’t want to publicly share news of the recurrence.

FDA again warns consumers not to eat Honey Smacks cereal due to salmonella outbreak

The US Food and Drug Administration again has advised consumers “not to eat and discard any Kellogg’s Honey Smack cereal” as part of an ongoing salmonella outbreak linked to the popular breakfast product.

Mom diagnosed with incurable breast cancer claims lump was dismissed as blocked milk duct: report

A 32-year-old mother of two who was reportedly diagnosed with incurable breast cancer just two months after giving birth is preparing to file a complaint against her medical providers after she was allegedly told the lump she found in her breast while pregnant was a blocked milk duct.

Three die of cancer after organ donor passed disease on in ‘extraordinary’ case

Three people died of breast cancer after they each received an organ from the same donor in a case experts have described as “extraordinary.” The 53-year-old organ donor died of stroke in 2007, and agreed for her lungs, liver, kidneys, and heart to be implanted into those in need.