This fall, Diagnostic Imaging Services implemented the service that allows women to choose the option of getting test results via email.

In the past, DIS had only notified women of their results by U.S. mail. However, with our new service, results are available via email as soon as the radiologist issues their findings.

It’s easy to do. When a woman is completing her registration at the time of her visit to DIS, on the history sheet, she can choose the email option to receive results. A DIS technologist will verify the email address with her at the time of the exam.

Test results can be emailed to you for the following exams:

  • Screening mammogram
  • Diagnostic mammogram
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI

We recommend that when the email option is selected, women should look in their SPAM and JUNK folders for initials results as some programs may identify and classify our email as unsafe. Adding our email address (the address the results come from in the email) to your safe senders list will solve that issue.

Simple. Easy. Convenient. Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.