Image Gently LogoDiagnostic Imaging Services shares an article published a few years ago in which the potential cancer risk that younger adults face from exposure to Computed Tomography (CT) scans pales in comparison to the actual threat posed by health conditions driving the use of the imaging technology, according to a published study.

Examining medical records from about 22,000 patients between the ages of 18 and 35 who underwent CT scans on their chest, abdomen or pelvis, scientists determined that patients were far more likely to die from conditions prompting the scan — such as trauma, abdominal pain or difficulty breathing — than to develop a fatal cancer because of radiation from the scan itself.

Almost six years ago, Diagnostic Imaging Services became an involved proponent of the national Image Gently program designed to build awareness for medical providers and patients in understanding better the appropriate use of CT and also the steps that can be taken to provide even greater patient safety in imaging children and young adults. DIS had already instituted and implemented specific practices for better patient safety, but increased our efforts even further as patient safety is our number one concern.

In addition, DIS installed an ultra-low dose CT system in our East Bank location in Metairie. For those young patients, this system is the BEST choice for safety in imaging as the dose needed for an exam exceeds standards set in CT. For any patient, our ultra-low dose system is an excellent choice not only in safety, but in quality.

Selecting DIS for CT also means people with insurance deductibles face far lower potential fees that would need to be paid before insurance benefits kick in. Ultra low in dosage. Ultra low in costs when compared to area hospitals.

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