One area woman did exactly that by choosing Diagnostic Imaging Services over a local New Orleans area hospital.

How did she do that? It was easy. She simply picked up the phone and did exactly what we have been touting for years: shop and compare prices for healthcare services, just as most people do when comparing prices for vehicles, furniture, appliances and homes!

If she didn’t take the time to do this, she would have owed the hospital $400 for a pelvic ultrasound. This is a common exam performed that does not require any special expertise offered only in a hospital setting.

That amount of money can go a long way toward other household or personal expenses and not in the pocket of a hospital that tries to cover costs for 24/7 operations, expensive surgical suites and very costly emergency rooms by charging far more for imaging exams.

For Miss Veronica, her physician made the recommendation for the pelvic ultrasound and the physician’s clinic set up an appointment for her at the hospital imaging center. Fortunately, instead of just going blindly to the center and having the ultrasound, she decided to make a couple of calls first.

The hospital told her it would cost $400 for the exam under her insurance plan. She contacted Diagnostic Imaging Services and was ecstatic to find out that after our benefits verification process, she was TOTALLY COVERED by her plan with no additional cost to her.

Her financial obligation for the exam at DIS: $0.

Because it is your choice as to where to go for healthcare services, you have the right to have a discussion with your medical provider regarding cost concerns for anything from blood work to therapy to home health to imaging tests. After all, the physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant is not going to pay for any costs not covered by your insurance plan. Yet, far too often medical professionals do not take into consideration the fact that hospitals and hospital-owned facilities and entities are far more expensive than independently-owned providers such as DIS.

Even in cases where a person’s insurance plan does not cover an exam 100%, they still have an excellent opportunity to significantly reduce their financial obligation by comparing costs. Who wants to pay more for a test when they don’t have to?

To learn how you can compare costs before having an imaging exam, view the short instructional video below. You may save yourself hundreds, even thousands, of dollars by choosing independent and visiting DIS. Less cost with no sacrifice or trade-off in quality of services or results.

Say YES and in Miss Veronica’s case spend $400 LESS at DIS.