Diagnostic Imaging Services is proud to offer comprehensive breast imaging and diagnostic services provided by radiologists that are board certified and specially trained in areas such as breast imaging, body imaging and gynecological health.

DIS is a leader providing exams pertinent to women’s health, doing them as an independently-owned provider and offering relaxed, comfortable outpatient environments.

We treat every woman as an individual, ensuring that she gets the care and attention needed in a timely and confidential way. Our goal is to get answers and test results to your medical provider as quickly as possible and to provide comfort, support and reassurance to you while you’re here with us.

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There are many reasons women and their medical providers opt for choosing Diagnostic Imaging Services for recommended tests, including:

  • The ease and convenience of making an appointment for a visit.
  • Being able to complete a screening mammogram in about 20 minutes.
  • Choosing a Saturday morning to have common exams completed.
  • Offering the superior technology of 3D mammography in a non-hospital setting.
  • Four locations from which to choose.
  • A dedicated Women’s Center in Metairie catering exclusively to women’s health.
  • Avoiding the hospital for intricate studies such as breast biopsy and hysterosalpingograms.
  • Taking advantage of premium technology such as the latest in 3D mammography, high-end ultrasound systems and leading-edge bone density technology to measure the risk of major fractures.
  • The wonderful care our technologists provide in completing exams in a gentle, calm and smooth manner.
  • Medical providers get results back often within one business day, often sooner.
  • Women park at our center, walk into the front door and into reception: no multi-story parking garages, elevators or stairs to navigate. Simple, easy and convenient.
  • Exams that are not covered 100% by the Affordable Care Act or not covered entirely by insurance have much lower fees at DIS than area hospitals. Click here to read one woman’s shock at finding out how much a common ultrasound exam would cost her at a hospital when compared to Diagnostic Imaging Services.

If you have prior mammograms, breast ultrasound, or MRI studies from another facility, please have them sent to DIS before your appointment, or bring them with you on the day of your visit. Not having your outside images will cause a delay in your results.