Diagnostic Imaging Services has long touted that because we are an independently-owned imaging organization that does one thing and one thing only — medical imaging examinations — we run a very efficient operation in which we hold down costs and pass those savings onto people who turn to us as patients because they have received a recommendation to have an imaging exam.

But, why should anyone subsidize any hospital and allow hospitals to charge exorbitant fees for common exams that DIS can perform for much less?

There isn’t a good answer to that.

And, when you have to pay a portion or all of that fee because you have an unfulfilled insurance deductible, don’t you want to experience quality AND affodability?

That’s why independent facilities such as DIS exist and serve communities in southeast Louisiana. We are an excellent alternative for any hospital that charges much higher fees simply because they feel they have to. In order to cover their costs of executives, physicians, large staffs and expensive operations such as emergency rooms, a hospital tries to recoup monies for these expenses by charging people much higher rates — rates people do not often have to pay.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Click here to listen to an Arizona man’s story of being charge over $7,000 for two MRI exams completed at a hospital.

Know before you go. Ask your doctor or health care provider for the CPT code for your test. Then, call and ask. Often, hospitals are reluctant to provide that information. Not at DIS. You can call and speak to one of our experienced patient relations and communications associates who will help you understand fees and how they apply to your insurance plan and/or deductible.

Medical imaging is one area of medicine in which people can truly save money. But, you must become your own advocate because it is you who will have to pay, not the doctor and not the hospital.

Get informed. Then, call us at 504-883-5999 or 985-641-2390 to arrange a visit. Or, send us an email requesting scheduling assistance.

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.