Actually, often it means dysfunctional. A lack of truly caring. Disconnected. And, very expensive.

A group called Doctors for Truth in Health Care notes that after six years of the Affordable Care Act, there has been lots of consolidation of  hospitals and health systems, but little if any improvement in quality of care or lower costs.

The group maintains that the consolidation in  health care is outweighed by two major factors:

  1. Large organizations, which through economies of scale should be able to reduce costs and pass along savings to customers, are frequently tempted instead to seize market share and keep profits to themselves.
  2. Large organizations are notoriously bureaucratic and slow to respond to a changing health care landscape with innovative strategies to improve.

Small, independent practices, including imaging centers, are able to change the way they provide care much faster than hospital behemoths. Not only are small independents nimble at making change, they (we) are also perfectly capable of coordinating patient care among a team of providers.

The most successful Accountable Care Organizations — a key component of Medicare’s current efforts to control costs — were physician-led, instead of hospital-led.

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Diagnostic Imaging Services has proven time and time again that our list prices, called “charge master” rates by hospitals, are significantly lower, often by thousands of dollars when looking at advanced tests such as CT, MRI and PET/CT scans. On top of that, hospitals add on fees for the radiologist and sometimes the use of their facility.

At DIS, it’s one price (much lower) for everything we do.

We are proud to be an independent organization and together with independent physicians provide excellent quality of care and lower overall costs. Choose independent and save.

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