CT (Computed Tomography) scanning is useful to get a very detailed 3-D image of certain parts of the body, such as soft tissues, the pelvis, blood vessels, the lungs, the brain, abdomen, and bones.  Documented common reasons for a CT include:

  1. It is often the preferred method of diagnosing many cancers, such as liver, lung, and pancreatic cancers. The image allows a doctor to confirm the presence of a tumor. The tumor’s size can be measured, plus its exact location, as well as to determine how much the tumor has affected nearby tissue.
  2. A scan of the head can provide the doctor with important information about the brain – he/she may want to know whether there is any bleeding, swelling of the arteries, or tumors.
  3. A CT scan will tell the doctor whether the patient has a tumor in his/her abdomen, and whether any internal organs in that area are swollen or inflamed. It will reveal whether there are lacerations of the spleen, kidneys or liver.
  4. As a CT scan can detect abnormal tissue it is a useful device for planning areas for radiotherapy and biopsies.
  5. A CT scan can also provide valuable data on the patient’s vascular condition. Vascular refers to blood flow. Many vascular conditions can lead to stroke, kidney failure, and even death. It can help a doctor assess bone diseases, bone density, and the state of the patient’s spine.
  6. A CT scan can reveal vital data about injuries to the patient’s hands, feet and other skeletal structures – even small bones can be seen clearly, as well as their surrounding tissue.

Diagnostic Imaging Services performs CT exams at our Metairie – Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Marrero – Avenue C, Slidell and Covington – Highway 21 locations. Ultra-low dose CT, simply the safest CT scans in southeast Louisiana, are performed at the Metairie, Marrero and Covington locations previously mentioned.

We also support the national Image Gently and Image Wisely campaigns that promote awareness in imaging safely for children and adults. DIS has had steps in place for over five years that provides maximum patient safety while still completing a quality study for the radiologist and the doctor.

To learn more about CT, visit this link for a brief seven-minute overview as produced by the American College of Radiology.

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