Did you know there is a difference in where you have your medical imaging exam? Most people don’t realize they have the option to visit an outpatient imaging center instead of a hospital for their exam. Or, they don’t understand there is often a big difference.

At freestanding outpatient imaging centers such as Diagnostic Imaging Services, you can save time and money and receive a top quality screening or diagnostic exam with accurate results for the medical provider.

Save Time and Money

DIS centers are not part of a hospital system where campuses have hectic traffic patterns, multi-story parking garages, elevators and signs everywhere Watch out for sirens blazing from ambulances!

We offer ground floor parking at or around our entrances at all of our centers. People who choose DIS walk into our front door and up to the reception area. It can’t get much easier than that!

Combine the savings with the convenience of seven convenient outpatient locations throughout the greater New Orleans and surrounding parishes (Jefferson and St. Tammany). Some may think it’s too good to be true. But, people can absolutely save time and money, enjoy better availability and have a better experience in healthcare.

How? It’s very simple. Choose DIS.

Diagnostic Imaging Services is doctor trusted. Patient preferred.

It’s easy to set an appointment

See the green “Request an Appointment” button to the right? Click and complete the form, then click again to send us a secure email requesting assistance. Our outbound call center associate will call you to arrange a visit.

Further convenience. We look forward to seeing you soon.