Most would initially conclude that the above statement comes from a satisfied person who came to DIS for an imaging exam. Actually, that statement came from a nurse that works in a referring office in New Orleans.

This nurse from an orthopedic practice had referred someone to a facility other than DIS (a hospital imaging center). However, the test had not been done after two weeks, so the nurse followed up with that center to inquire as to the delay.

The nurse was told that the center’s scheduling department said the referral order faxed over was blank — but, the department did not call the nurse back to indicate the problem. The nurse, on her end, had a confirmation that the fax went through with the order on it.

So, she was very puzzled as to why she was not called to re-send. Good question!

Her colleague, another nurse, said “That’s why I prefer DIS. If there is a problem with anything I fax, they call me.”

How did we know of this story? One of our DIS associates was in the office at the time it happened.

Because imaging is all we do, we do it efficiently, effectively and extensively. We don’t ignore problems. In this case, a problem — an important test for a patient of the orthopedic office — was not addressed. Is that what you would want if you needed the test?

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