The holiday gift that will last a lifetime

With the holiday season right around the corner, DIS offers a great, touching and personal gift for those who are expecting an addition to their family with the birth of a new baby. Inside Addition brings the world of 3D/4D scans allows expecting parents to experience a new way of bonding with their unborn child. We tailor our appointments to … Read More

The wonderful gift of 4D ultrasound

For expecting parents, a fantastic experience awaits at Diagnostic Imaging Services. We know that the gift-giving season will soon be upon us. For those who know of people who are soon to become parents and welcome a new member to their family, Diagnostic Imaging Services has the perfect thoughtful and heartwarming gift idea. Our Inside Addition 4D ultrasound provides expectant … Read More

Give the from-the-heart gift to expectant parents

Diagnostic Imaging Services reminds everyone of the perfect gift for expectant parents — our INSIDE ADDITION 4D ultrasound. With fourth dimension technology, one can actually see behavior patterns, movements and personalities in the fetus. With normal 2-dimensional ultrasound scans, these may be difficult or impossible to achieve. Imagine the amazement of getting a peek at what the baby may actually … Read More