City Business has released the results of their “best of” issue for 2020, covering many different business and service sectors throughout the greater New Orleans and southeast Louisiana areas. One area was medical imaging.

We are proud to announce that Diagnostic Imaging Services has been named TOP WINNER as the BEST diagnostic imaging center over all others that are hospital, hospital-owned or independent.

This is a true testament to DIS associates who work tirelessly to provide every person choosing us to have the excellent service they deserve, from the time they contact us to arrange a visit to when they walk out the door after the test is completed.

Six locations serve tens of thousands of people every year, performing screening and diagnostic tests from 3D mammography to 3T Ultra-High Field MRI. People choose to avoid chaotic hospital campuses and crowded corridors and elevators found in many area medical centers.

Isn’t that what you want in a healthcare provider?

Choose independent and save. Choose the best. Choose Diagnostic Imaging Services: doctor trusted, patient preferred.

Call 504-883-5999 or 985-641-2390 to arrange a visit to one of our centers. Or, click here to send us a secure email requesting scheduling assistance.