“I might have caught it before it spread to lymph nodes and before it upended my life.”

That’s a quote from an April 2018 article in The Advocate with State Representative Julie Stokes. She underwent chemotherapy and surgery, and emerged from the health challenge cancer-free.

More advanced technology?

In the article, Ms. Stokes revealed that she learned that her screening mammogram did not reveal her cancer. However, after the diagnosis, she later learned there was more advanced technology available that may have spotted the disease and perhaps caught it earlier:

3D mammography.

The technology known as 3D mammography has been in place at Diagnostic Imaging Services since early 2013. We feel that one day it will become the standard of care for breast cancer screening, meaning that every woman should undergo a 3D screening.

Until then, it is up to each individual and their medical provider to make that choice. Many physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistant recognize the value of 3D over conventional mammograms. We hope more and more women will have the same recognition and choose a breast cancer screening that detects more disease, reduces the number of women who are asked to return for additional testing and eliminates additional financial burdens that may occur from those added tests.

DIS offers 3 reasons for 3D

Recently, DIS published a video offering three reasons for women to consider choosing a 3D screening mammogram. Click here to view the two-minute video vignette.

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