Diagnostic Imaging Services now offers NeuroQuant® for fast, accurate and proven automated brain image analysis as part of a routine brain MRI.

NeuroQuant segments and measures volumes of the hippocampus, ventricles and other brain structures and compares the volumes to norms, based on the patient’s age, gender and intracranial volume. This information helps providers assess neurological conditions and neurodegenerative diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis

For the patient, a NeuroQuant exam is an additional analysis that can be included in a brain MRI exam. NeuroQuant is usually performed without the use of a contrast dye. MRI studies never utilize ionizing radiation in order to acquire images. The technologist performing the scan sends the data to the NeuroQuant system which identifies and segments multiple brain structures.

The software then measures the volumes of the structures and compares the information to the normative database. Once measurements are complete, NeuroQuant generates a unique report, giving the radiologist and your medical provider more visual and quantitative information in addition to your regular MRI scan findings.

800 x 650

NeuroQuant is an exciting development for uncovering evidence of brain injury in our patients with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI). Most people with mild to moderate TBI show normal CT and MRI scans. For years, advances in structural brain imaging have promised to remedy this situation.

Finally, the promises of the research laboratory are readily available.

NeuroQuant provides quantitative measurements from MRI brain studies that can be used in conjunction with other clinical findings as part of a clinical assessment. NeuroQuant provides valuable, enriching, quantitative data on brain structures, providing supportive information to physicians to aid in their clinical treatment planning and disease progression monitoring of patients with neurodegenerative conditions.

NeuroQuant volumetric MRI is performed at the Diagnostic Imaging Services locations listed above. This specialty MRI study is completed via our 1.2T high field open MRI, 1.5T high field MRI and our 3T ultra-high field MRI systems.

Learn more about the science behind NeuroQuant by viewing the video below.