That’s what Diagnostic Imaging Services was thinking when we added to our ultra-high field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) portfolio by installing our latest 3T MRI at our Northshore – East center in Slidell, LA.

It’s twice as powerful as traditional high field MRI. Why may you need 3T MRI? It’s simple.

If your doctor can’t see it, they can’t treat it. It’s the tool doctors need to do their best job.

“T” matters in diagnostic testing

The “T” stands for “Tesla,” which is a unit of measurement that describes the strength of the magnet used in the MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging isn’t a technology that is associated with Elon Musk! The magnet in the equipment provides the foundation for how internal images of the body develop.

Stronger magnets impact the quality of the image. Several unique factors determine what strength it should be for the person receiving imaging services, including the part of the body that needs scanning.

What are the advantages of 3T ultra-high field MRI?

Just because the number in front of the “T” is larger, does it mean there are advantages for doctors and their patients. Absolutely! Reported advantages include:

  1. It produces a stronger signal to use for diagnostic purposes.
    The most obvious advantage of using a 3T MRI is that the magnet it contains will produce a stronger signal. When the magnetic field is robust, then the signal it receives from body tissues will become more pronounced. This benefits the spatial resolution in the final display, creating an increase in contract detection.
  2. It works well for vascular, neurologic, and orthopedic needs.
    When someone goes into an MRI scanner, the hydrogen protons in the body start resonating to a specific frequency. The eventual outcome is slightly different in each body part, which means your bones will give off a different outcome than your muscles. Chemical shift is the spatial displacement of water and fat due to those frequency differences.
  3. The 3T MRI can reach deeper body parts and organs better for diagnosis.
    Certain body parts and organs, such as the prostate for men and ovaries for women, have locations deep in the body. The prostate provides exceptional challenges with its location surrounded by the pelvis. If the individual doesn’t have a prosthetic implant, then a 3T scanner can easily determine the health and wellness of the items in question. That means it is faster to achieve the images needed to come to a potential diagnosis without dealing with severe artifacts in the images

When you want to know what’s wrong

Diagnostic Imaging Services offers more ultra-high field MRI technology to area doctors than any other independent radiology practice in the region — a practice that performs the test and issues the results. Our latest 3T system installation in Slidell is another example of our continued commitment to bringing the best technology to southeast Louisiana and beyond.

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