In an article published online by National Public Radio, “The New Year will bring nore transparency In hospital prices,” hospitals and medical centers are now required by law to publicly post prices for every service they offer and break down those prices by component and procedure.

Under these new requirements, this pricing information is to be posted publicly on a website or if requested, provided in paper form.

Shopping for healthcare?

Diagnostic Imaging Services (DIS) has advocated for the general public to engage in due diligence in order to better understand their healthcare options for screening and diagnostic testing. In the past, this diligence has been often too complicated and/or time consuming for many, mostly because identifying cost has been a difficult thing to obtain from large medical institutions. With this new requirement, “transparency in coverage” works to make the comparison process more clear.

In many markets in the United States and around the world, free-market competition is a benefit to consumers. Healthcare should be no different. Yes, people may think that a less expensive option for healthcare may not be as good a quality as that rule of thought often applies to other products and services such as automobiles, food and housing.

However, in healthcare, a more expensive medical option is not always better. Price is not an indicator of the best quality. That may be surprising or even difficult to believe. But, it is true.

In one example shared by us, one person didn’t see one legitimate reason to pay three times the price for an MRI. “It’s pretty simple. I see no reason to pay three times the price! Though I love my (hospital) doctors, I am consistently overcharged,” they said.

Be aware of other hospital costs!

In an informative piece published by DIS, there are three common reasons for much higher imaging exam prices when compared to independent imaging providers such as Diagnostic Imaging Services. One reason is additional fees that people may be charged for services beyond the actual scan.

DIS practices “global billing,” which means we charge one fee for all of our services from start to finish. Hospitals often charge separately for the radiology reporting and even the use of the imaging facility. For many, those are surprise charges that they were not aware of.

If you had to get a new tire for your vehicle and were told the new tire would be $100, but then after the tire was replaced, you were told you had to pay $100 for the auto mechanic to do the replacement and another $100 for the use of the auto garage, would you be happy about that? We think not!

Don’t pay additional fees when you don’t have to. One cost for services should cover everything you and your medical provider need as part of your physical health and well-being.

Do you have a health insurance deductible?

When not an emergency or urgent situation, people who decline a recommendation to go to a hospital or a hospital-owned imaging center for testing and instead choose DIS often save significant amounts of money for the same-quality service and results. These savings can range into several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

If you had the opportunity to save $400, $600 or even $7,000 on testing, would you take it? We are positive you would! Those amounts are examples of savings Diagnostic Imaging Services has provided people who came to use for ultrasound, MRI and nuclear medicine exams.

And, for those without medical insurance coverage, DIS has a pricing plan that makes testing more affordable over hospital pricing for common exams that include x-ray, Computed Tomography (CT) and bone density scans, and specialty services such as Prostate 3T MRI and liver elastography.

Choose independent and save: Choose DIS

In addition to potential financial savings in healthcare, DIS also offers the convenience of six locations that serve southcentral Louisiana and the Gulf South. Our centers are more calm, relaxed atmospheres free of ambulance sirens, elevators, crammed parking garages and signs everywhere. We know that people can be anxious, nervous or even scared about testing. That’s why we do everything we can to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Our philosophy continues to be the same for each and every person visiting us:

  • Provide you with a warm welcome
  • Have as pleasant an experience as possible
  • Offer you a sincere “thank you” for choosing us.

Before you go to the hospital for any testing, contact Diagnostic Imaging Services. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a tremendous amount to gain! To receive a good faith estimate, please call 504-459-3220 and one of our experienced financial services associates will be happy to assist you.

Then, call 504-883-5999 or 985-641-2390 to schedule a visit. We will schedule you promptly. Or, send us a secure email requesting assistance.

Choose independent and save. Choose Diagnostic Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred — for 48 years (and counting).

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