DIS shares this story about ballooning health care costs in the state of Vermont, with one reason being:Youth-healthcare-costs

The root of these increases are controversial charges known as “facility fees,” and they are routinely tacked on to patients’ bills not just for services actually provided in hospitals, but also by outpatient care centers and doctors’ offices simply because they’ve been purchased by hospital-based health care systems.

It has become clear that health care costs and any associated financial obligations insured by people as patients increasing significantly, if not dramatically, when the care comes from a hospital-based or hospital-owned practice or facility. The same holds true in Louisiana and the greater New Orleans area. That’s why we provide a comparison chart of average list prices for exams in MRI, CT, ultrasound and x-ray that shows the differences between our price, as a freestanding outpatient imaging organization, and local hospitals.

If you feel it is too difficult to truly find out the cost of an exam, AND IDENTIFY any costs that you will bear the responsibility of paying, please consider the payoff in savings. In nearly every situation, the time invested was well worth it. We know people who have made the effort, done the digging and saved huge amounts of money by choosing DIS over the hospital for their imaging test.

To compare prices between any hospital and Diagnostic Imaging Services, please call our patient financial services division at 504-459-3220. One our friendly, experienced associates will be happy to assist you.

To read the rest of the news report, visit http://www.nationofchange.org/hospital-facility-fees-boosting-medical-bills-and-not-just-hospital-care-1356362401.

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