For many years, Diagnostic Imaging Services (DIS) has proclaimed that our screening and diagnostic testing are performed at fees, both list charges and potential costs that a person may have to pay as a result of their health insurance coverage, that are far below area hospitals and medical centers. Many people have saved money as a result of choosing DIS, but so many more have not.

We share one man’s story.

Hospital charge: 10 times higher!

Do you find it shocking and unbelievable that for unknown reasons, a hospital’s fee for a common CT (Computed Tomography) scan would be 10 times higher than what the fee was for the same test and DIS? We do! By choosing independent medical providers such as DIS for healthcare services, often people may save significant amounts of money for the same level and quality of medical service.

Back to the story. Here it is, in his words:

“I needed a CT scan for my kidneys. I scheduled the CT scan at the hospital. The hospital called me to inform me of my out of pocket cost. It was extremely high. I called my insurance company and was told the hospital is charging ten times higher than what Diagnostic Imaging Services charges.

I canceled the hospital appointment and scheduled the CT scan at Diagnostic Imaging Services. The cost was very low. The staff there is very friendly and helpful. I had an x-ray and CT scan and was in and out in less time than you’ll spend in the hospital waiting room.”

Choose independent and save

Being more expensive for medical services does not necessarily mean the quality of the service is that much better. When an imaging exam is recommended and it is not an urgent or emergency, by choosing an independent radiology practice such as Diagnostic Imaging Services (or our affiliate partners of Capitol Imaging Services), people have saved hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, in fees they had to pay compared to a hospital.

With six locations serving the greater New Orleans metropolitan area, southcentral Louisiana and the Gulf South, not only are potential fees often far below area hospitals, the convenience is greater. Choose from our DIS East Bank, West Bank and Northshore centers and experience a warm welcome, have as pleasant a testing experience as possible, and receive our sincere thanks for choosing us.

Isn’t that what you want from your medical service provider? You’re  a person – not a medical condition.

Choose independent and save. Choose Diagnostic Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred. Call 504-883-5999 or 985-641-2390 or click here to send us an email requesting assistance.

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