For people who are claustrophobic, they will find DIS very helpful in allowing them to complete the procedure. If you have concerns regarding claustrophobia, please alert our scheduling department representative when you call to make your arrangements and we will be happy to schedule your exam on our High Field Open Non Claustrophobic MRI – THE ONLY SYSTEM OF ITS KIND IN THE GREATER NEW ORLEANS AND SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA AREA.

Our 1.2T High Field Open MRI provides the imaging quality of a traditional MRI with the comfort of a TRUE open system. In 2011, DIS accommodated a patient that weighed 700 pounds and needed a MRI to evaluate their thyroid.

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Other traditional MRI unites at hospital or other outpatient imaging centers were not able to provide the appropriate clinical and system accommodation.

We did.

Click here to learn more about a recent exclusive upgrade to our High Field Open MRI, an upgrade only performed on our Oasis 1.2T system.

Diagnostic Imaging Services has become the leading solutions provider for people who have received a recommendation for an MRI, but have the anxious, nervous feelings about the exam. In many cases, people can avoid taking medication by choosing our open system and enjoying a more comfortable, relaxed experience.

Diagnostic Imaging Services received national recognition for image quality produced by our High Field Open MRI.

Benefits of the 1.2T MRI system include:

  • High Field strength for excellent image quality for the doctors
  • Better comfort of a true open unit
  • A wide 270 degree view of the exam room, so a person can see all around
  • Accommodation of bariatric people who will not fit in a traditional closed MRI
  • With a more relaxed environment, studies are usually completed in less time
  • A family member can accompany a person or child having the MRI into the exam room