Study: Doctors interrupt patients, stop listening after 11 seconds on average

A team of scientists from the United States and Mexico studied clinical encounters between patients and physicians to test shared decision-making tools. Published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the scientists learned of the lack of attention many doctors provide their patients.

Bayer to stop selling Essure birth control device in US

The maker of a permanent contraceptive implant, subject to thousands of injury reports from women and repeated safety restrictions by regulators, said Friday that it will stop selling the device in the US.

Women bear Alzheimer’s burden; researchers are trying to discover why

Researchers are exploring biological and social differences that might explain why more women than men develop Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

Sniffles? Cancer? Under Medicare plan, payments for office visits would be same for both

While the proposal would redistribute money among doctors, it is not intended to cut spending under Medicare’s physician fee schedule, which totals roughly $70 billion a year.

Health insurers Are vacuuming up details about you — and it could raise your rates

With little public scrutiny, the health insurance industry has joined forces with data brokers to vacuum up personal details about hundreds of millions of Americans, including, odds are, many readers of this story.