Drug could reduce heart disease risk by targeting gut

Scientists have developed a new class of drug which could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by harnessing our gut bacteria.

Breast Cancer: know the facts

FDA expands recall of heart drug for possible cancer-causing contamination

A popular drug used to treat high blood pressure has been recalled because some products may contain a cancer-causing chemical.

Experimental Alzheimer’s drug stirs hope after early trials

Results of an early trial of an experimental drug showed that it improved cognition and reduced clinical signs of Alzheimer’s in the brains of study participants, and experts are “cautiously optimistic” that the results will be duplicated in future clinical trials.

Under new rules, cheaper ‘short-term’ health care plans now last up to three years

People who don’t get insurance through their jobs will now be able to buy short-term policies that may be cheaper than Affordable Care Act coverage. These plans won’t have to cover as many medical services and are exempt from covering people with pre-existing conditions.

Opioid use after wisdom teeth removal could lead to long-term use

Wisdom teeth removal, a common procedure typically performed during the teen years, may contribute to long-term drug use. Scientists from the University of Michigan studied how opioid painkillers prescribed after wisdom teeth removal affect patients later on in life.