At Diagnostic Imaging Services, we have no added the ability to have appointment reminder notices sent via email to people who have made arrangements for an upcoming visit to a DIS location.

It’s very simple. When you provide us with your email address (an address that is kept confidential by DIS and will not be shared outside of our organization), we mark your appointment as being a “notify by email” visit and the process begins.

You’ll receive an email from the sender “” The first time you receive this email, you may want to check your spam or junk mail folder because some email servers will have tighter controls on what may pass through to your inbox.

To be safe, add this DIS email address in your address book and it should be marked safe by your email provider.

How will the appointment confirmation email look? Below is a mocked up example:

With an appointment confirmation email, you can enter information into your online calendar, date book or note book and have information on hand that notes that you’ve got a date and time reserved especially for you to get that important screening or diagnostic test completed. Eliminate trying to remember. Ask for the DIS appointment reminder email and have important information at your fingertips that will assist you in remembering your upcoming visit.

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