What are some reasons women choose Diagnostic Imaging Services for their breast cancer screening? Reasons range wide and far, but common themes emerge.

    These come directly from women who have been our guests at one of our centers. The best testimony is the testimony of women who put their trust in Diagnostic Imaging Services.

    Diagnostic Imaging Services: doctor trusted, patient preferred.

    • #1: DIS was recommended by my primary care doctor.

    • #2: DIS uses the latest testing methods.

    • #3: The personal, and most of all, the professional service I receive!

    • #4: Fast, easy and convenient service.

    • #5: They answer all your questions without making you feel foolish.

    • #6: DIS is in my health insurance network.

    • #7: You are treated with respect and dignity.

    • #8: The setup is efficient, personable and private.

    • #9: The staff is very kind, considerate and compassionate.