Fourteen years ago, singer/songwriter/entertainer Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately for her, it was detected early at stage one — according to Crow all thanks were given to her annual mammogram — and she has made a complete recovery.

Recently, People magazine published an article stating that Crow is “concerned” about the decline in breast cancer screenings as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on.

Considered non-essential?

Sheryl Crow

Mammograms were considered non-essential in many states at the start of the pandemic, but now that they have resumed and there are safety guidelines in place, according to the article. Diagnostic Imaging Services has always had safety protocols in place since the well-being of our patients is a top priority. Further safety initiatives have been put in place for several months as everyone should feel safe in getting the needed screening and diagnostic testing as prescribed by their medical provider.

The article quotes Crow saying “I think typically women are maybe afraid they’ll find that they have it, or they don’t have time, or some people are poorly insured or maybe uninsured. And there’s a multitude of reasons to not go, but there is one great reason to go. And that’s early detection,” she says.

We agree on the one great reason

It’s been cited and reported time and time again: early detection of cancer saves lives. Because early detection is key in the fight against cancer, knowing risks and getting screened are the best ways to detect and prevent health issues in the early stages.

Screening isn’t possible for many kinds of cancer, but it is for breast cancer.

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