Sophistocated Woman February 2016Diagnostic Imaging Services says Do yourself a favor and breathe easier by choosing DIS.

At one local hospital, according to Medicare, in 2013 the average submitted charge for an MRI without the use of a contrast dye was $3,533.25.

The average submitted by DIS? $1,254

Holy mackerel! Same test. Same, if not better, quality of care.

Hospitals and health systems across the country are known for charging exorbitant fees for common imaging exams — exams that can be successfully performed in an outpatient imaging environment where costs are lower and operations are more efficient.

These exorbitant fees are an attempt to recoup money for areas of hospitals that are expensive to have such as emergency rooms and surgical suites. Not to mention all the physician salaries hospitals have to pay, plus the high overhead of executive staffs and red tape.

You don’t have to subsidize a hospital.

Save your nostrils. Save money. Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.