calculator-stethescope-hospital-bill-costsDiagnostic Imaging Services shares an article that offers numerous ideas for lowering healthcare costs.

Health care costs have been rising much faster than other living expenses.  Understanding how the health care system works can give you an advantage when it comes to lowering your expenses.

The fourth idea listed in this article? “Investigate independent facilities.  Independent facilities are usually cheaper, sometimes much cheaper, than the exact same health care from a hospital.”

The word “cheaper” indicates inferior — this is where a consumer needs to exercise caution. Yes, cheaper in the world of medical imaging does not always bode well. Why? Because in many cases, certain independent facilities will use equipment such as MRI scanners that are old and quite outdated. This leads to an exam that takes much, much longer because the lower-grade equipment needs more time to acquire the needed images. And even then, the image clarity and quality may not be suitable for the doctor’s needs.

At DIS, we offer lower cost without sacrificing quality. It is true — you can experience a high-quality exam, have your doctor get the results they need and experience lower overall costs. Click here for an example of how we saved someone significant money on their imaging exam. Lower charges translate into lower costs.

Without sacrificing quality. As an example, all MRI studies performed at DIS are conducted on high-field or ultra-high field scanners, including the strongest open MRI in southeast Louisiana.

Say “no thank you” to exorbitant hospital imaging costs and charges. Avoid those multi-story dark, dingy parking garages. Pass by any elevators and stairwells. Then smile and…

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.