An early October 2020 issue of Radiology Business has reported that the nation’s fourth largest commercial insurer has officially stopped covering most hospital-based CT and MR imaging after briefly shelving the proposal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision was to go into effect back in early Spring, but a decision was made to delay by 120 days.

“A lower cost alternative”

An announcement made by the company touted more cost-effective alternatives for insurance members who receive a recommendation for an advanced imaging exam, stating “Freestanding imaging facilities may offer Cigna members a lower cost alternative than a hospital-based imaging department or facility for medically necessary non-emergent imaging procedures.”

This isn’t the first health insurance provider to make this type of decision. According to Radiology Business, “In 2017, Anthem, the country’s second biggest payer, implemented a similar policy in 2017. At the time, company officials said some patients could save upward of $1,000 out of pocket for some imaging services by opting to visit a freestanding center. One analysis that year estimated that MRI and CT exams could cost upward of 149% more at a hospital compared to a freestanding center.”

Why pay more when you don’t have to?

For years, Diagnostic Imaging Services has touted our high-quality testing being more affordable for people who may have to pay some or all of the fees associated with a test such as a CT or MRI scan. We know of many examples where people, when taking the time to compare pricing between a hospital and DIS, saved hundreds – even thousands of dollars – on their test, while their doctor gets the critical results needed as part of their diagnosis.

Hospitals are the most expensive place to have any health care services, including diagnostic imaging. With at least 50 percent of working adults in the United States having health insurance coverage that includes a deductible, choosing a more affordable alternative (while not sacrificing quality) is highly desired. Diagnostic Imaging Services is a freestanding imaging provider that only does one thing: screening and diagnostic testing.

Be a savvy consumer. Take time to compare fees and make an informed decision. Diagnostic Imaging Services offers a PRICE ESTIMATE tool that provides a good faith estimate of any fees you would have to pay for your testing.

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