Save big money by choosing Diagnostic Imaging ServicesWhen evaluating based on price, that’s the advice given by a physician who works for a university medical center in New York during a radiology conference held in late 2016.

We agree with that advice. However, in looking further into the advice the physician provided, his assumptions were often that “nobody really knows” if lower prices can provide the quality exams needed by radiologists and physicians in diagnosing their patients.

That’s where we disagree with this physician.

There is most definitely medical imaging providers that can provide high, if not very high, image quality at a lower price. That provider is Diagnostic Imaging Services.

The physician in this report is most likely employed by the medical center. He is, in essence, representing the hospital. Hospitals are notorious for being the most expensive place to have any medical services, including exams such as MRI and CT scans, or ultrasound studies.

In fact, in a report aired by an Idaho television station in 2016 regarding a man’s shock at receiving a bill for $2,700 for a common CT exam by a hospital, a hospital billing representative at a hospital stated that the hospital WILL NEVER be the low cost provider.

So, why would you pay more for the same test?

The key points are:

  • We are talking about common imaging exams that are performed at a myriad of locations, whether hospital-based or stand-alone independent centers.
  • These exams can be done when it is not an urgent or emergency situation — in those cases, yes, go to the hospital.
  • Hospitals are more expensive for numerous reasons, including high overhead, being open 24/7/365 and employing physicians.

So, in the case of Diagnostic Imaging Services, we beg to differ with this physician. People can and do know that when they visit DIS, they do not sacrifice quality for cost. When they are faced with fees due to unfulfilled insurance deductibles, they know to check different providers and find out what the fee will be for the exam.

Hospitals usually don’t have any better equipment. Sometimes, it’s even the same. There’s nothing special they do completing an MRI of the knee or a CT scan of the chest. The vast majority of exams physicians and other providers recommend for their patients are straightforward and done on a daily basis at DIS.

Yes, be cautious when selecting an imaging provider. Be cautious when selecting ANY medical provider. Do your homework. Ask around. At Diagnostic Imaging Services, we are very confident we will save you money over any local hospital and your experience will be a pleasant one.

Medical tests cause anxiety, nervousness and worry. We understand that. Let’s reduce the worry about how much more an exam will cost.

Choose independent and save. Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.