Financial-resolutionDiagnostic Imaging Services has and will continue to trumpet the cause for people to stop being passive patients and start being active consumers. This means standing up for themselves when discussing options for healthcare services with their provider.

Often, a provider, particularly if they are employed by a hospital or health system, will direct you there, regardless of cost to you or other less expensive, yet high quality, alternatives. In southeast Louisiana, the less expensive/high quality alternative is DIS. In fact, many hospital-employed physicians utilize us on a daily basis, referring people to us for everything from mammograms to PET/CT studies.

These providers take potential cost to their patient into account. With people becoming more engaged in wanting additional control over costs and their spending, both providers and the general public have taken advantage of the largest freestanding independent outpatient imaging center in Louisiana — Diagnostic Imaging Services.

But, again, don’t just take our word for it. Click here for an article that touts the benefits of contacting multiple providers in order to have an imaging exam. When the need is not urgent or an emergency, it will pay to take the time and identify a lower-cost alternative, but an alternative that does not sacrifice quality for cost.

You can be a smart consumer even when it comes to medical procedures.