Even though this is not a story from our area, it still holds relevance not only in the greater New Orleans area, but in the state of Louisiana and the entire country. This story is from a public radio news reporter in Boston, Massachusetts who needed to undergo an MRI.

The reporter did call to do some price comparisons and found an independent provider that had charges that were less than half the total cost of the hospital. Why? According to the reporter, from the information provided by the non hospital provider:

Hospitals lose a lot of money on some services and make it up other other services. MRIs or other tests are a place that they often make it up. And hospitals say they lose money taking care of patients with Medicare — that’s mostly for the elderly — or Medicaid — that’s government insurance mostly for the poor. So private insurance payers, like me, end up paying more for these tests so that the hospitals can have everything on balance in the end.

We believe you should not be part of the “make it up” process for hospitals by overcharging for medical imaging exams. If your doctor recommends a hospital or hospital-based imaging center, ask for the price of the exam. If they can’t provide it, call the hospital to ask. If they can’t provide it, do you really want to go there?

If you do get a price, call DIS and compare. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings we offer.

It’s your health care. It’s your money. Choose independent and save.

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